Friday, April 8, 2011

Dear Dr. D (part deux)

Dear Dr. D,

Well, this whole distance thing isn't getting any easier, now is it?  I suppose that's an excellent sign for our marriage.

I know you don't know it yet, but today we had a fight---just a small one.  In my head.  And I realize that it's not really fair for me to have a disagreement with you (as well as a resolution), all without you actually being an active participant in any of it, so I suppose it's only fair that I let you know what went down.

You see, this morning I went into the kitchen to grab a paper towel.  Had I not done this, I wouldn't have bickered with you telepathically from over 2,000 miles away.  But honey, you've got to know that I periodically need paper towels.  I just do.

I didn't need very much paper towel, which is why when I pulled on the roll and didn't meet the perforated end until much later than I expected (resulting in a big ol' honkin' paper towel of wastefulness), I discovered that you hadn't purchased the half-sheet style that we always buy.  I found myself perturbed.  Probably more perturbed than the situation actually warranted, I'll admit, but emotions are currently running high around these parts.

I tried to rip the gigantic paper towel I had in half, but of course in my frustration I ripped a little too zealously which left me with one three-inch wide triangle in one hand, and the rest of the towel in the other.  This, of course, I blamed on you and not on my mounting irrational anger.  I went on for the next few minutes being annoyed with you and vowed to be more specific on my next shopping list.

And then I went to the closet where we keep J-dog's food, and when I opened it up and saw the rest of the paper towel pack sitting there, I involuntarily laughed aloud.

The brand of paper towels you bought is called "Awesome!" (yes, exclamation included), and now it all makes perfect sense.  I forgive you.

Your Mrs.

{sarcasm implied, I believe}


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