Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Favorites

Fridays generally put people in a good mood, and I'm no different.  Sure, it's the start of my weekend, but there's something else about this day... some "Friday-ness" to it that makes me happy and helps me to appreciate the little things in life just that much more.

I'm going to try something new, so let's just roll with it, shall we?

For the next few weeks, I'm going to try to hold myself responsible to posting about a few of my current favorite things at the end of each week.  I'm hoping to have a general category every Friday, and will post about some things in my life that fit into the category and are currently making me happy/swoon/laugh/dance around like a spaz.  In no way do I think I'm being innovative here, folks---I know this sort of thing is done frequently on countless blogs in the weboverse.  But hey, this is about creating memories for myself, so why shouldn't I give it a go?

For today's favorites, I'm going to focus on some of the youtube vidoes that I am currently wearing out like a favorite pair of jeans.  Here we go!

What it is: The guiltiest dog to ever live, whose silent sobs simultaneously tear my heart to pieces and make me giggle like a maniac.
Where I found it: I believe a friend posted it on facebook.
Favorite part: Denver bearing his teeth in anguish at 1:20... oh my goodness, it killllllls me! :(

What it is: Booty bouncing in its finest form.  Warning: will cause involuntary hip movements and rump shaking.  Do not watch if easily offended by dexterous derrières.  All I know is it kept me more energized this week than caffeine could.
Where I found it: One of our former wedding photographers shared it on twitter.  Thanks, Josh!
Favorite part: Explosion-causing splits starting at 1:17.  YES.  A thousand times yes.

What it is: A drum cover by my brother of one of the Foo Fighters' newest songs, "Rope."  Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins are two of my musical heroes, and of course Broseph does them complete justice in this little ditty. 
Where I found it: On brother's youtube channel, which happens to be taking off along with his professional drumming career in Hollywood. So proud of him :)
Favorite part: The face-melting fills beginning at 2:50.

What it is: Magical.  Homegirl's got some serious flow, and the way they managed to clean this up from the original is priceless.
Where I found it: Probably on facebook?
Favorite part: How she doesn't breathe from 1:16-1:30, and yet she raps approximately one kajillion words.  Approximately.

What are some of your youtube favorites?


Drew said...

That Karmin video is awesome!

paige brunt said...

Two things:
The Freedia - Ya'll get back now: minute 2:08 when the old man does the pelvic thrust. priceless. i watched it like five times.
Look at me now- i was mesmerized. listened to the whole thing.
Thanks for sharing!

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