Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Is there a Dr. D in the house?

Why yes, yes there is.  And let me tell you, J-dog and I couldn't be more thrilled!

Dr. D and I have spent the past few days happily re-acclimating to togetherness, and basking in the glory that is partnership: living and goofing off with your best friend.  It's like the whole paper towel incident never even happened.

We rushed back from the airport Saturday and started off our reunion right with some sweaty, confetti-fied fun at a Girl Talk concert {pictured above}.  It was a different concert experience than I'm used to, since we typically go see full-on bands of the rock or indie variety, but I loved how everyone danced with wild abandon---much different than the more demure head-nodding and slight toe-tapping crowds we've frequented, or even the pseudo-violent mosh pits and crowd surfing of our yesteryear.

Having my husband back home has made me want to celebrate non-stop.  If it weren't for work and classes, I'd be demanding to go on adventures and out to fancy dinners with Dr. D every day!  Unfortunately, this celebratory feeling is currently being put on the back burner until I can wrap up some big papers and work projects.  Boo.


I have two other things to celebrate as well.  The first is that I've been promoted at work (doesn't include a pay raise and we'll have to move to a different building this summer, but I'll still take it because it makes me feel appreciated), and the second is that Dr. D brought me home a MacBook Pro that he refurbished while he was in CA.

So, I guess my iPhone + MacBook officially makes me a Mac person now.  I must admit that I'm a little nervous about the learning curve of the new operating system, but I know I'll discover a lot of awesome possibilities with this fun new toy! 

Any pointers for a Mac noob?


DJ said...

Congrats on your promotion and having D home! And welcome to the other side. My favorite thing about my macbook is apple+shift+4... it has changed my life.(okay, slight overstatement)

JohnWatsonDrums said...

Set up the two-finger right click and two-finger scroll! It will save you from having to press control a lot and having to navigate to the scrollbar :)

And thanks for the #FF shout out a few weeks ago :D


Mrs. Dr. D said...

@DJ: That shortcut is magical! There have been so many times that I have wished I could do exactly that! This is the beginning of something beautiful...

@Broseph: Thanks for the tips, and you're welcome for the shout out :)

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