Thursday, April 21, 2011

One of those days.

We all have them, and for me it's today.  One of those days.

I'm just gonna put this out there...

To the epic face-line embedded in my cheek this morning thanks to my pillow: Did you seriously just outlast a long hot shower and my entire morning routine?  Am I really going to work like this?

To the top stair at the entrance of my building: Did you grow a half inch over night?  Why must you insist on making me look like an idiot?

To the student requesting to meet with me after 9pm: After nearly an entire school year, can't you see that I try my darnedest to stick to actual, professional, real-life, normal-person business hours?

To the comedian who decided to put salt in the (not see-through) pepper shaker at my table in the cafeteria: No question, just this---you're a jerk.

To the zipper of my pants, located in the crotchular region: How long have you been down?  To be honest, at this point all I really care to know is whether you were down while I was interviewing a prospective candidate for my department today.

I mean, come on.

...oh well.  On to a better tomorrow, and an even mo' bettah weekend.

Bring it.


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