Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Favorites

Hmm... I'm beginning to realize that posting favorites every Friday may be a bit ambitious.  Live and learn, right bloggers?  I set a goal for myself, though, and I'm going to hold true.  This week, allow me to present:

Favorite photographers!  ...Mostly of the wedding variety.

{Okaaaaaay... I took this one.  Shameless plug.}

I love photography.  I've loved it ever since I can remember---even as a kid, I remember trying to catch the best light coming in from the living room window as I attempted to capture my snoring Boston Terrier, Otis, in the foggy lens of a disposable camera.  I got my first digital camera before I left home for college in 2003, and since then I've been a collector of digital moments, filling my computer's hard drive to the brim with memories.  In 2007, I discovered the magical world of photography blogs, and I haven't turned back.

{the mister and me, by Anika London}

We were one of those crazy lucky couples who were able to find photographers for our wedding who were very up-and-coming, and they have since become incredibly successful.  Josh and Ariel at Anika London are not only fantastically cool people, they take rad pictures.  Their talent has always been superb, but it's also been so fun to see their style morph and grow over the years.

{I love photographers like Amelia Lyon who think outside the box!}

Always original, and always a stunning use of light (both natural and camera flash): that's what I've come to expect from Amelia Lyon every time I visit her blog.  It's my dream to someday attend one of the Lyons' famous Lyon Shops... I know I would learn so much, and she and her husband seem like such interesting people!

{Caroline's ability to catch the baby's tongue AND the motionless dog at once amazes me}

Caroline Tran has some of the cleanest looking photos I've ever seen.  The colors are always so crisp, the white balance perfection.  Her way of really capturing the emotion behind a moment is so skillful, and I absolutely love her newborn photography.  She does it all---weddings, engagements, family portraits---but her work with fresh little 'uns is my favorite.

Anyway, that should get your started on exploring eye-candy for the next couple hours at least.  I'd just like to put this disclaimer out there: none of these photographers asked me to feature them, I just figure I owe it to them after drooling over their pictures for years.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Is there a Dr. D in the house?

Why yes, yes there is.  And let me tell you, J-dog and I couldn't be more thrilled!

Dr. D and I have spent the past few days happily re-acclimating to togetherness, and basking in the glory that is partnership: living and goofing off with your best friend.  It's like the whole paper towel incident never even happened.

We rushed back from the airport Saturday and started off our reunion right with some sweaty, confetti-fied fun at a Girl Talk concert {pictured above}.  It was a different concert experience than I'm used to, since we typically go see full-on bands of the rock or indie variety, but I loved how everyone danced with wild abandon---much different than the more demure head-nodding and slight toe-tapping crowds we've frequented, or even the pseudo-violent mosh pits and crowd surfing of our yesteryear.

Having my husband back home has made me want to celebrate non-stop.  If it weren't for work and classes, I'd be demanding to go on adventures and out to fancy dinners with Dr. D every day!  Unfortunately, this celebratory feeling is currently being put on the back burner until I can wrap up some big papers and work projects.  Boo.


I have two other things to celebrate as well.  The first is that I've been promoted at work (doesn't include a pay raise and we'll have to move to a different building this summer, but I'll still take it because it makes me feel appreciated), and the second is that Dr. D brought me home a MacBook Pro that he refurbished while he was in CA.

So, I guess my iPhone + MacBook officially makes me a Mac person now.  I must admit that I'm a little nervous about the learning curve of the new operating system, but I know I'll discover a lot of awesome possibilities with this fun new toy! 

Any pointers for a Mac noob?

Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Favorites

It's time for another round of Friday Favorites!  Two weeks in a row... I'm totally impressed with myself.  Today I'd like to share some of my favorite up-beat songs to work out to.  Hope you find something new to put into your rotation!

Artist: Sleigh Bells
Album:  Treats
{The cheerleader-esque singing helps me imagine that people are 
cheering because they're so proud of me for working out} 

Artist: Kanye West
Album:  My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
{I play this one when I feel like upping the resistance on the elliptical, 
and then I put my game face on---lip curled slightly.  Intimidated?}

Artist: Mark Mothersbaugh
Album:The Life Aquatic Soundtrack
{I absolutely HATE running, but this song actually makes me want to} 

Artist:Kate Nash
Album: Made of Bricks
{Something about this song reminds me that I'm working out to feel 
healthier, not necessarily to look like a Barbie.  I heart her accent.} 

Artist: tUnE-yArDs
Album: w h o k i l l
{Yes, that's the proper capitalization and spacing... 
unique, just like her sound}

Artist: Empire of the Sun (remixed)
{It's got a good beat, and you can sweat to it!  In other news, you
should probably watch this music video on youtube. Weeeeiiiird.}

Thursday, April 21, 2011

One of those days.

We all have them, and for me it's today.  One of those days.

I'm just gonna put this out there...

To the epic face-line embedded in my cheek this morning thanks to my pillow: Did you seriously just outlast a long hot shower and my entire morning routine?  Am I really going to work like this?

To the top stair at the entrance of my building: Did you grow a half inch over night?  Why must you insist on making me look like an idiot?

To the student requesting to meet with me after 9pm: After nearly an entire school year, can't you see that I try my darnedest to stick to actual, professional, real-life, normal-person business hours?

To the comedian who decided to put salt in the (not see-through) pepper shaker at my table in the cafeteria: No question, just this---you're a jerk.

To the zipper of my pants, located in the crotchular region: How long have you been down?  To be honest, at this point all I really care to know is whether you were down while I was interviewing a prospective candidate for my department today.

I mean, come on.

...oh well.  On to a better tomorrow, and an even mo' bettah weekend.

Bring it.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Outsnading (sic)

I'm tickled pink for two reasons.  The first is that the trees are blooming, and Spring is finally starting to make a name for itself here in what I was beginning to fear was a permanently chilly Illinois.

But the second reason is better---blissful, even: this weekend I get to pick Dr. D up from the airport and bring him happily home, to be greeted by an initially ecstatic J-dog... who I anticipate will later be disgruntled to discover that that he's lost his comfy bed-sleeping privileges.  Thank goodness; I'm not sure how much longer I can put up with the early-morning paw to the face.

Dr. D has had a good run of it on this away rotation.  He's had the opportunity to see some fantastic surgeries (like helping a person to talk again by implanting a silicon wedge next to their vocal chords... wow!), but we are both ready for him to be home.  We're crossing our fingers that a glowing letter of rec comes out of this from one of those hot-shot Dr. Big-Guns out there, but of course in my completely unbiased opinion they'd be a bunch of nincompoops not to realize how outsnading Dr. D is.

Yeah, I said it.  Outsnading.

I know he's "Outsnading" because that's the grade he just received on his last rotation.  One can only infer that the Dean was so dumbfounded by Dr. D's stellar performance that he lost all ability to spell properly---either that, or he made up a completely new grading rubric to indicate that Dr. D was beyond outstanding.  We'll take it regardless, thankyouverymuch.

I truly derive an inordinate amount of glee from the med school's grading method ("O" for Outstanding/Outsnading, "S" for Satisfactory, etc.), mostly because saying "Hooray!  An 'O' on your O.W.L.'s!" to my dear, patient husband never gets old.  Harry Potter would be so darn proud of you, honey...

Can't wait to wrap my arms around the Outsnading Dr. D!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Favorites

Fridays generally put people in a good mood, and I'm no different.  Sure, it's the start of my weekend, but there's something else about this day... some "Friday-ness" to it that makes me happy and helps me to appreciate the little things in life just that much more.

I'm going to try something new, so let's just roll with it, shall we?

For the next few weeks, I'm going to try to hold myself responsible to posting about a few of my current favorite things at the end of each week.  I'm hoping to have a general category every Friday, and will post about some things in my life that fit into the category and are currently making me happy/swoon/laugh/dance around like a spaz.  In no way do I think I'm being innovative here, folks---I know this sort of thing is done frequently on countless blogs in the weboverse.  But hey, this is about creating memories for myself, so why shouldn't I give it a go?

For today's favorites, I'm going to focus on some of the youtube vidoes that I am currently wearing out like a favorite pair of jeans.  Here we go!

What it is: The guiltiest dog to ever live, whose silent sobs simultaneously tear my heart to pieces and make me giggle like a maniac.
Where I found it: I believe a friend posted it on facebook.
Favorite part: Denver bearing his teeth in anguish at 1:20... oh my goodness, it killllllls me! :(

What it is: Booty bouncing in its finest form.  Warning: will cause involuntary hip movements and rump shaking.  Do not watch if easily offended by dexterous derriรจres.  All I know is it kept me more energized this week than caffeine could.
Where I found it: One of our former wedding photographers shared it on twitter.  Thanks, Josh!
Favorite part: Explosion-causing splits starting at 1:17.  YES.  A thousand times yes.

What it is: A drum cover by my brother of one of the Foo Fighters' newest songs, "Rope."  Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins are two of my musical heroes, and of course Broseph does them complete justice in this little ditty. 
Where I found it: On brother's youtube channel, which happens to be taking off along with his professional drumming career in Hollywood. So proud of him :)
Favorite part: The face-melting fills beginning at 2:50.

What it is: Magical.  Homegirl's got some serious flow, and the way they managed to clean this up from the original is priceless.
Where I found it: Probably on facebook?
Favorite part: How she doesn't breathe from 1:16-1:30, and yet she raps approximately one kajillion words.  Approximately.

What are some of your youtube favorites?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Bling & Zing

This weekend I had the opportunity to go out with some friends to enjoy one of my favorite local musicians.  Happy to do it, but also a bit sad to be going without Dr. D (since he shares the same affinity for this particular musician), I decided to engage in a ritual that always makes me feel better and also reminds me of what a wonderful man my husband is:

I cleaned and polished this pretty little rock he bestowed upon my left hand 3.5 years ago. {I also fueled up with caffeine since Dr. D's absence combined with wiggle-worm J-dog as a new bed partner has made my nights somewhat restless.}

I figured at the very least, it'd serve as something that caught my eye throughout the evening and reminded me of him, and perhaps it would even be a deterrent to unwelcome advances while I was---how do you say?---out with my girrrrls.

It certainly did the former, but after something rather peculiar happened to me that evening, I'm beginning to think now that I should have also worn a prominent sign that said "My husband can kick your ass, and so can I."

For those of you who know me personally, you know that I am of a particularly impressive stature (at first I thought about saying "large," but I think "impressive" has the connotation I'm going for).  Others may have discerned this, as I've blogged about needing jeggings with a 36" inseam.  Regardless, you should know: I am very tall, and most of the time I love it.  Exceptions to my love for my height would be during the following occasions: (1) When I walk by a cute pair of shoes with a heel but am stopped from buying them by the fact that wearing them would make me over 6'5''---and then I also remember I never learned how to walk in heels because of that very reason; (2) Shopping for jeans... it's just downright infuriating; (3) Situations like this past Friday night.

What happened: I was enjoying a conversation with a friend after the concert, and briefly glanced backwards only to be accosted by the bright flash of a camera phone.  Behind me stood a very short man, who appeared to be posing for a picture behind me in what could only be understood as a visual comparative of his shortness and my tallness.  The BACKSIDE of my tallness, forever immortalized in some stranger's phone, no doubt to be posted with some snarky comment on facebook, twitter, tumblr---you name it, I'm sure this jerk is on it.  I imagine that he flashed some sort of impish grin and tossed a slimy thumbs-up to the camera.  Forgive my language, but the douchebaggery of it all was simply astonishing.

What I said: Nothing, unfortunately. I was too taken aback, and the group of people I was with were on their way out.

What I should have said: Of course, we all know what they say about hindsight.  Had I been more in my element, I would have demanded the picture be erased, and I think any one of the following responses would have sufficed:
  • "Well now we all know your level of class is as low as your center of gravity."
  • "Excuse me, Mr. Hobbit.  Mind if we erase that?"
  • "I am far too much woman for you to handle, little guy."
  • "And this is why you don't have a girlfriend."
  • "Here's my husband's phone number.  If you continue to treat women like this, I'm guessing you'll need a good ENT in the next couple of years---what with all the face-slapping I anticipate in your future."

Friday, April 8, 2011

Dear Dr. D (part deux)

Dear Dr. D,

Well, this whole distance thing isn't getting any easier, now is it?  I suppose that's an excellent sign for our marriage.

I know you don't know it yet, but today we had a fight---just a small one.  In my head.  And I realize that it's not really fair for me to have a disagreement with you (as well as a resolution), all without you actually being an active participant in any of it, so I suppose it's only fair that I let you know what went down.

You see, this morning I went into the kitchen to grab a paper towel.  Had I not done this, I wouldn't have bickered with you telepathically from over 2,000 miles away.  But honey, you've got to know that I periodically need paper towels.  I just do.

I didn't need very much paper towel, which is why when I pulled on the roll and didn't meet the perforated end until much later than I expected (resulting in a big ol' honkin' paper towel of wastefulness), I discovered that you hadn't purchased the half-sheet style that we always buy.  I found myself perturbed.  Probably more perturbed than the situation actually warranted, I'll admit, but emotions are currently running high around these parts.

I tried to rip the gigantic paper towel I had in half, but of course in my frustration I ripped a little too zealously which left me with one three-inch wide triangle in one hand, and the rest of the towel in the other.  This, of course, I blamed on you and not on my mounting irrational anger.  I went on for the next few minutes being annoyed with you and vowed to be more specific on my next shopping list.

And then I went to the closet where we keep J-dog's food, and when I opened it up and saw the rest of the paper towel pack sitting there, I involuntarily laughed aloud.

The brand of paper towels you bought is called "Awesome!" (yes, exclamation included), and now it all makes perfect sense.  I forgive you.

Your Mrs.

{sarcasm implied, I believe}

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Looking forward

Currently looking forward to:
  • Not having to look at this stuff any more after my midterm tomorrow.
  • A thunderstorm in the forecast.  Makes for excellent poodle-cuddling and movie-watching.
  • The frozen custard treat I've promised myself after I finish all of this week's class assignments.
  • A shipment from Piperlime with a couple of spring dresses.
  • Seeing a live Girl Talk show at the end of this month and dancing like a crazy person.
  • Getting my husband back in 20 days. Can't come soon enough!
 Anything exciting for you on the horizon?