Sunday, April 3, 2011

Looking forward

Currently looking forward to:
  • Not having to look at this stuff any more after my midterm tomorrow.
  • A thunderstorm in the forecast.  Makes for excellent poodle-cuddling and movie-watching.
  • The frozen custard treat I've promised myself after I finish all of this week's class assignments.
  • A shipment from Piperlime with a couple of spring dresses.
  • Seeing a live Girl Talk show at the end of this month and dancing like a crazy person.
  • Getting my husband back in 20 days. Can't come soon enough!
 Anything exciting for you on the horizon?


Ashley said...

I love Girl Talk & shipments from Piperlime are the best. :)

Mrs. Dr. D said...

Glad to be in good company :) I've never really been to a live dj concert (mostly just shows with bands), so I'm really interested to see how this will turn out!

Corinne said...

Being apart for a month is rough! Hope the next 20 days fly by!

Mrs. Dr. D said...

So far the days have been moving rather sluggishly, Corinne. Only 14 more to go, though! (but who's counting?)

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