Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Big Unknown


GUYS.  We are 193 days away from residency match day.  That's like 6 months and some change.  Chump change, y'all.  This is happening whether we're ready or not.

I'd like to think that we're ready, but we're probably ready for some things more than others.  For instance, we are so ready to not have the Big Unknown (aka our mailing address for the next 5-ish years) hanging over our heads.  If I have ONE more person ask me where Dr. D is going to residency, one of two things will happen:
  1. I will launch into a tirade about how nothing in this life is certain and there can be no way of really knowing where you'll be tomorrow---or even an hour from now---so we can't be expected to answer such a question and perhaps we should instead focus on living every moment to its fullest potential and maybe the real question should be what are YOU doing with YOUR life and shouldn't you be asking yourself why you haven't done something epically selfless like joining the Peace Corps or Teach For America and why haven't you solved the world's hunger problems yet?  ...What do you mean, I have "deflection issues"? 
  2. I will revert back to a ten-year-old mentality and say something like, "Where is YOUR MOM going to residency?!  Huh?  Huhhhhh??  Can you tell me THAT?!"*
All of that is to say: we're ready to know what the next chapter is.  Otolaryngology is such a competitive specialty that we really can't afford to be too choosy about residency programs, so we might end up virtually anywhere (except a few select places, but more on that later).

What we may not be ready for, however, is everything the next chapter entails.  And what it will most certainly entail is this: long hours at the hospital for Dr. D, a new job for me, and working on getting a family started.


Anybody out there fairly confident that you know what this next year holds for you or your med student?  I'd love to hear some stories about certainty so I can live vicariously through you.

*I'm sorry you had to find out this way, Mom, but yes.  I have been known to use a "Your Mom" come-back every now and again.  This doesn't mean I love you any less.


Anonymous said... uh... where is dr. cates going for residency?

j/k. just had to.

Mrs. Dr. D said...


Anonymous said...

First off, I am a new follower - yay! :) Second, "your mom" made me laugh :b

Have a lovely weekend girl!

Corinne said...

oooo thanks for giving me a way to respond to everyone (and all their Mom's) asking where we will be going for residency.
I'm going to take your second recommendation ;)

Best of luck to you and your hubby! We just hit the submit button on Friday and I'm already freaking out about the "unknown".

Mrs. Dr. D said...

@Noelani: Welcome! Glad you found us :)

@Corinne: Congrats to you both on submitting! We submitted literally 10 minutes ago. Totally stressful, but in a way glad for it to finally be out of our hands, you know?

DJ said...

I am DEFINITELY using the your mom response. I also hate the question of what I'm going to do when we move - I have no clue! It all depends on where we go! What is your MOM going to do when we move?

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