Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dear Dr. D

Dear Dr. D,

We have officially made it through half of this two-month-long away rotation, and I think we can both agree that some days move quickly and others drag on longer than the lame opening act for Girl Talk.  You and I both know that's incredibly painful.

These days, I don't think there's ever a 10 minute stretch that passes without me missing you terribly, but I think you would be pretty proud of the things I've managed to accomplish while you've been away.  I thought you might enjoy a recap of some of those things, so here they are in no particular order:
  1. I watched The Tudors.  The entire series.  40 hours worth.  And I cried every time someone was beheaded (which was like every 30 minutes, so I'd say I spent a legit 7 hours total crying over King Henry VIII's shenanigans).
  2. I've managed to allow three different half-gallons of milk to expire.  I guess I thought I was a bigger milk drinker than that, but you must have been picking up my slack.
  3. I've taken out the trash at least, like... two times.
  4. I have begun saying the phrase "Momma don't like that" in reference to myself, when I'm not particularly fond of something.  I have no clue where I picked this one up, but I'm counting on you to break me of the habit.
  5. I started two different twitter accounts for work, thus furthering my identity crisis.  You've probably noticed, since I see you are now following 2 out of my 3.  Welcome to the twitterverse, btdubs.
  6. I went through our box of notes/letters/knick-knacks for each other and got all misty.  Sigh.
I know you're working on research that mostly deals with otolaryngology stuff, but if you've got some spare time on your hands, see if you can draft up a protocol to speed up time, mmkay?

Your Mrs.


Lil momma said...

I can't wait for DrD to return home to you and JDog. His heart and soul belongs with you. As always- I am so grateful that you are his wife and you are my incredible DIL! Xxoo, Lil momma

Keely said...

Aw sad face :( And the Tudors was a cry fest for me too. Hope the next month goes quickly- I'll be in the same boat by this time next year and this will all be nothing but a memory.

Momma don't like that, bahaha

Nicole Jeannette said...

Haha glad he's coming home! Sounds like you kept yourself entertained!

Hey, so I have a dress giveaway from Shabby Apple on my blog and if you're interested you should enter :)

Much to My Delight said...

I dated a doc while he was in his last year of med school and first year of residency. I can vouch that the long hours away are rough. I'm sure you enjoy that time together all the more though!

anna said...

so sorry it's hard on you... but it will be worth it in the end :) excited to be following your cute blog!


Heather @ Mrs. Southern Bride said...

Awe, sorry its been so rough on you!

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