Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Memory Lane: Movies

Two wonderful things happened during dinner last night.

The first is that I put chocolate chips in my last pancake as it sizzled on the griddle---no judgment, please, as it was my last meal with any sugar or processed carbohydrates for the next three weeks. Naturally, I chose chocolate chip pancakes. Wouldn't you?

The second was a conversational trip down memory lane with Dr. D, where we somehow got on the topic of childhood movies. I believe one of us had just quoted Anchorman for probably about the billionth time (some common daily quotes for us are "don't act like you're not impressed!" and "I'm not even mad... that's amazing!"), and so then we began to wonder: what movies have we watched the most in our lifetimes?

Anchorman is up there, to be sure... but in my lifetime so far, it just doesn't compete with some of the movies I watched incessantly as a kid. I was one of those children who when I found a movie I liked, I would not. stop. watching. it. until I could quote it backwards and forwards and hum along to all of the musical interludes. And then act it out in the living room. Sorry, Mom.

When trying to determine my most-watched movies, first I had to eliminate Disney animated films altogether, because obviously Lion King would win... but that's probably true for all people my age, ammiright? Then, I had to think about which movies are so ingrained in my consciousness that I can not only quote them, hum to them, and act them out, but which have also taught me valuable life lessons that I carry with me still today.

And so, I present to you my most-watched movie list, complete with accompanying favorite quote and life lesson:

"Slap that baby, make him free!"

Lesson: Calling the goblin king on my brother is probably not the best option.

"Communism is just a red herring."

Lesson: Tim Curry is THE MAN.

Return to Oz
"Don't you know that eggs are poison?"

Lesson: Life would be so much more awesome if lunch pail trees existed.

"Tell me about it, stud."

Lesson: The key to self-transformation is a head full of curls and black leather pants.

Grease 2
"Where does the pollen go?"

Lesson: You should slather your hamburger and french fries with ketchup, because Michelle Pfeiffer says so.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off
"They think he's a righteous dude."

Lesson: Sometimes Santa will come back after Christmas and take away gifts like this movie, especially when your three year old brother starts to say "sh*t" a lot.


Looking back, I think I managed to balance out all of the really trippy/weird stuff with some nice and wholesome entirely-too-mature-for-me-so-innuendos-mean-nothing stuff.

...What are some of your most-watched childhood movies?


Kaytlin said...

Lion King, of course. But again, that doesn't count because I mean, who hasn't seen the lion king a billion times.
others are:
robin hood: men in tights, the neverending story 1 and 2, and in later childhood: orange county.

but honestly, probably lion king until I was approximately - uh...well, now...

Elizabeth {e tells tales} said...

I loved Labyrinth and Return to Oz (that one was especially awesome). I also loved watching Gone With the Wind...I'm an old soul :)

Mrs. Dr. D said...

@Kaytlin: I completely forgot about Neverending Story! My goodness, that one's definitely up there. Favorite quote would have to be "FALKOOOOOOOOOR!"

@Elizabeth: I truly should give Gone With the Wind another try... the first time I watched it, I had the stomach flu. Up-chucking tends to make me not want to repeat whatever it was that I had been doing at the time :)

Scott said...

Heidi and I just watched Labrynth again for the hundredth time this past weekend. Wanted you to know that we actually named our car "Ambrotious"... Impressive, eh?

Mrs. Dr. D said...

Scott, I think that has got to be my favorite car name. I'd have to say it even beats out "Drool-fang", which is what my uncle called his car from the '80s. Bravo!

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