Sunday, March 20, 2011

Home Stretch

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{What you see on the line above happens to be a guest post by J-dog. He saw an opportunity to rest his chin on the corner of my keyboard in hopes of an absent-minded ear scratch from yours truly as I gathered my thoughts for this post. It worked; ears are thoroughly scratched. Moving on...}

We're in the home stretch, folks. I'm talking less than a year until our future is determined. Less than 365 days until we find out where we'll be spending Dr. D's residency and beginning our next big life adventure.

Where's the fast-forward button?

This past Thursday was Match Day for fourth year medical students all around the country, a day during which I'm sure many tears were shed (both happy and sad) and many adult beverages were consumed (both in celebration and medicinally). Now all of those people are making plans for the future. And next year, that will be us.

I am doing my very best to live in the present, but every now and then I get that exhilarating roller coaster feeling in my gut because--guys, I don't know if you know this about me, but I love new beginnings. And I love road trips. So the potential of getting to go on another cross-country road trip with my husband and poodle on our way to start a new life chapter... well, there aren't a whole lot of things that could excite me more.

I mean, during our last cross-country drive we discovered 85 octane fuel, sweet potato fries, gas stations with slot machines, and gigantic dinosaur sculptures in Colorado. After that, how could I not be hooked? There's so much out there I haven't seen!

That being said, as I began fantasizing this week about all of the fantastic and scary new things that will inevitably start happening to us in a year, I decided to ground myself with some reminders about things that I love about the life we're currently living. I want to make sure I remember these things, so here I go, e-emoting them to the cyberverse:

  1. The gorgeousness that is October in Illinois, and our standing tradition of family walks to take pictures of the leaves after they've changed.
  2. Multiple college town radio stations, making for epic car dancing sessions and a fun local music scene.
  3. Laughing with friends about the funny business cards, ticket stubs, and notes left by strangers underneath the glass table covers at one of our favorite laid-back downtown hangouts.
  4. The giddiness I feel after winter's first snow, and the fantastically spastic way J-dog greets it, as if on a snowflake high.
  5. Having a kitchen big enough for impromptu family dance parties when we need to take a break from preparing dinner. J-dog can totally cut a rug.
  6. Living on a college campus and not having to pay for wireless internet, cable, or indoor climate control.
  7. Having a legitimate reason to wear galoshes, and purposefully seeking out deep puddles.
  8. The fact that sharing one car between the two of us is not a big deal because the public transit system here is phenomenal.
  9. Knowing that everyone in our building can smell what I'm baking.
  10. Fireflies in the summer.


justin said...

Seriously, Ashley and I were just talking about this, since I too have match day in about a year. I was telling Ashley how this next year is all about preparation for the following year in the form of applications, interviews, comprehensives, pro-qualifying exams, dissertation, need I say more. What a horrible way to live a year, when it's all in anticipation for the next. It'll never come fast enough!

Mrs. Dr. D said...

Just think how great it will feel when it's time to move on, Justin! I dream of the day :)

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