Saturday, March 12, 2011

Goodbye darkness

I truly despise the idea of losing time, but a part of me is absolutely giddy at the prospect of more sunlight in my days to come (that is, if the clouds will cooperate). Since I knew we're losing an hour tonight, I felt compelled today to get many things done in order to make up for it.

Here's what was accomplished:
  • Breakfast oatmeal with banana as sweetener, since Dr. D and I are fasting from sugar (as well as many other delicious things that I miss). It was actually quite lovely.
  • Dog sitting, which required twice the potty-walks and twice the "womp" clean-up. We refer to doggy #2's as "womps", by the way. As in, "Dang, he just dropped a deuce. Womp womp..." It just kind of stuck, as many little inside jokes for us do.
  • Approximately 150 pages of reading for one of my (three) classes next week. That's more reading than I usually get done on a Saturday, so I'm calling it a victory, regardless of how much I still have left.
  • A nap. I mean, can you really consider Saturday a success without one?
  • A power point presentation on student debt for one of my classes next week, which had me nervously picking at my cuticles the entire time as I thought about our own amassing debt. Yes, I know that's a horrible habit, but I prefer it to breathing into a paper bag.
  • A delish dinner of black bean, grilled onion, and potato tacos, over which Dr. D and I concocted our plan for an invention that we think has the potential to rival the Slap-Chop, ShamWow, and Snuggie in infomercial stardom. I really wish I could share the idea here, but I'd hate to have someone beat us to it. Let's just say we've checked google to make sure nothing like it exists currently, and we may or may not have already story-boarded the infomercial (We did. It's gloriously cheesy). Now we just need financial backers. Any takers?
So perhaps not my most productive day, but all in all, I think I'll be able to go to bed tonight with a clear conscious. I might even be able to convince myself that I've earned an extra hour of sleeping in...

{a mugshot of the wompers}


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