Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Love is spelled f-o-o-d.

There are only so many pieces of jewelry, watches, and chocolates molded into punny shapes (e.g. a "key to my heart") that can be purchased over the course of 11 Valentines Days before you start to run out of gift ideas. And truth be told, I have a track record for losing said jewelry.

Eventually, you just need to figure out the best, most thoughtful and non-repetitive way to show your partner you love them. Some unexpected way to touch their heart, but in a manner that you know they'll remember.

Enter: Meat Martinis.

Dr. D and I had decided that we'd save our Valentines celebrating for when we make our trip to the city this upcoming weekend. The inconvenience of V-Day falling on a Monday (and on a class night for me) was too much to attempt to brave the twitterpated crowds for a fancy dinner. I should have realized, though, that when we come to this kind of agreement, Dr. D rarely keeps his end of the bargain.

On Monday night, I came home from class and was greeted by the smell of bacon and a crazed poodle---driven mad by the smell, no doubt.

I found my loving husband in the kitchen, skillfully (and much more calmly and with less flesh-burning than I could ever muster) using the oven, stove, and toaster oven simultaneously to fix us a dinner of tapas. Fancy cheeses and accouterments, crostini, and bacon-wrapped asparagus.

And yes, slices of fillet mignon with caramelized onions in a balsamic reduction. Served in a martini glass. I'm sure you could not have found a happier and more in love person on the planet in that moment, as I double-fisted my meat martini and gigantic glass of homemade sangria.

I love this man.

Apologies to my vegan/veggie readers... I love you AND I love steak =/


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