Sunday, February 27, 2011

Life excerpt

Allow me to provide you with a window into our world...

Him: "Hey, do we have any pictures of me with my Snape haircut?"
(referring to a time in college when he had long straight hair, which he died black. BEFORE he had ever read Harry Potter...)

Me: "Of course. I've photographically chronicled all of your hairstyle evolutions for the past 11 years."
(that probably makes the top 10 list of things you wouldn't want to hear from your stalker...)

Him: "Right. Bummer."

Me: "I mean, how else am I going to dissuade our future children when they tell us they want to dye their hair purple? I'll just say, 'I don't care if all of your Wifflepods are doing it, look how well that kind of thing turned out for your father.'"
("Wifflepods" being my attempt at creating some futuristic slang version of "buddies")

Him: "Yeah, and then our kids will be like, 'Awww Mom, stop being such a galactic space bore!'"

Me: "...I'm glad we both still hold out hope that the future will be like The Jetsons."


Anonymous said...

heh. i remember snape.

Sweet Lub said...

Um. I love this. For whatever reason, Scott and I started singing the theme to The Jetsons the other day. I think it was in an attempt to remember Rosie's name but for the love of Elroy...who knows why that was important.

Mrs. Dr. D said...

Heidi, I am genuinely concerned that you and Scott and D and I are living in universes parallel to one another and that each couple is living out a slight variation on the same life.

...all that is to say that D and I had that exact same "what the heck is the name of the Jetson's maid?!" conversation sometime within the last month. We ended up singing the entire theme to each other hoping that Rosie's name might come up in it somewhere. It didn't. We had to google it.

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