Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Want, but don't need.

Leave it to the holidays and online Christmas shopping to help me add to the list of things that would be awesome (in theory) to own. The trouble---well, I suppose it could also be considered a blessing---is that I've always got this nagging voice in the back of my head asking me, "yes, but do you need that?"

...Mom, is that you?

Honestly, it's always been very difficult for me to justify truly needing anything, aside from food and shelter (and the occasional camera accoutrement... my Achilles' heel).

And so, I'm allowing myself this season to keep a "want, but don't need" (WBDN) list---a list of awesome stuff that I come across while gift shopping, not as a wish-list by any means, but as a way of acknowledging the inner 10 year old in me who says "oh! I want!" before the 25 year old me rolls her eyes and says...

"Really? A toaster scanner? ...Really?!"


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