Saturday, December 4, 2010

Snow Day

It's official! Our first significant snowfall of the season: somewhere between 5-8 inches since 7pm last night. Because this is only our 3rd winter here, it's easy to forget just how giddy I feel about winter's first snow... but last night was a fun reminder.

Somewhere around 10pm we began to hear the excited squeals and jovial war-cries of a snowball battle outside of our living room window, and decided it was time to take J-dog out for his first walk (perhaps "prance" is a better word for this occasion) of the winter season. At the time, we found a good 4 inches of snow on the ground, and an inexhaustible supply of hyper, stir crazy college students partaking in all manners of snowtime activities---making snow angels, throwing snow balls, stuffing snow down the pants of unsuspecting spectators, and streaking across open spaces in nothing but electric blue underwear briefs. Ah, the joys of living and working on a college campus.

I don't think that my excitement about snow, however, is even one tenth of the overwhelming emotion and sheer ecstasy that J-dog experienced.

Snow is definitely his drug of choice. I like to think that he make-believes as he prances, bounds, and spazzes his way through the mounds of white powder, imagining he's one of those barrel-toting Saint Bernards on an emergency mission, or that there is a covert society of creatures (squirrels, specifically) hiding under the snow and it's his mission to intermittently bury his nose in the drifts to stir up trouble.

This morning, we enjoyed a wonderfully warm breakfast of oatmeal and lattes while watching the snow continue to flurry outside of the kitchen window. With papers to write, studying to do, and nowhere we have to be, I'd say this snowfall is just what Dr. D and I needed to kick-start our Christmas season.

Happy December, everyone!


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