Thursday, January 24, 2013

Who's your doccy?

Medicine: A Love Story

Here's some more Thursday link-up lovins coming your way! I'm linking up with DJ at Medicine: A Love Story to share more med-love antics. Click on the icon above to visit her blog and to view this week's link up posts.

Today's topic: Which fictional doctor is your significant other most like?

If you aren't in a relationship with a medical significant other (let's hereafter refer to them as med sig-O's, shall we?), allow me to let you in on a little secret: all these medical shows they've got on tv nowadays, while admittedly pumping up the drama and sex a bit for ratings, can actually come pretty close to portraying the different doc personalities you might come across at your local hospital.

Say whaaaat?! They've got McDreamys up in that biz?

Yes. And McSteamys, people. Just check out the hottttay I married.

(The one exception I'll make to this is that we've yet to come across a Doogie Howser, although sometimes attendings treat med students like 14 year olds.)

That being the case, when I started to think about today's topic, it wasn't too tough to pinpoint things in on-screen docs' personalities that reminded me of D. The trouble was, there wasn't any one fictional doc who fit the bill completely. So I did what any reasonable person faced with such a conundrum would do: I made a love-child.
The heart, soul, and gosh-I-could-just-sit-here-on-this-gurney-in-the-basement-eating-potato-chips-and-waxing-poetic-with-you-all-day-ness of George O'Malley. Wit, humor, and elevated probability of finding himself in the thick of some whacky hijinks akin to J.D. That's my guy.

But Neil Patrick Harris will totally play him once we sell our story to FX (it has be a network that can air the word "sh*t").

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

sh*t residents say, v2

Maybe it's the part where they're noodley?!