Thursday, January 10, 2013

Are you high??

Let's be honest: if I'm going to participate in my first blogging link up, who better to link up with than one of my first blogging friends-who-is-also-a-stranger-but-not-really-because-yay-internet? DJ writes a blog I visit every day, and I follow it because she makes me laugh and generally feel like I'm not the only one whose life has kinda flown the cuckoo's nest because I'm in love with a guy in the medical profession.

Imagine my glee when, after a prolonged blogging hiatus, I returned to find that DJ had just set out on a new blogging endeavor called Medicine: A Love Story. The only thing better than experiencing our own shenanigans at home related to being in residency is reading about other people's shenanigans during residency. It has a normalizing effect, and I love it.

So, on to today's link up.

Medicine: A Love Story

The prompt: What's the craziest/funniest conversation/experience you've had as a result of sleep deprivation?
There have been plenty of screwball conversations between Dr. D and I that have been tinged by Step-study dazes and post-call sleep deprivation. To wit, this particular text exchange between us as D went to get drug tested (chillax! D hasn't developed a drug habit. Testing is a required procedure for all interns rotating at our children's hospital) after being on an overnight shift:

I'd like to think this illustrated two things rather nicely: (1) We're super mature about drugs, and (2) D was too tired to even remember where he lived. I really hope they didn't attribute his blood-shot eyes and disorientation to something else.


DJ @ Medicine A Love Story said...

omg. yay internet! you are too kind! I like to think that me subtly including you on my e-mail list of bloggers, even though you were blogMIA, is what made you start blogging again. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

This takes the cake as some pretty severe sleep deprivation. I think you should make him a bracelet with all of his important info. Just in case he falls asleep while walking or something!

OMG. Talking about sleep deprivation just reminded me that Y called me "Kim" last night in his sleep. I hope he was dreaming he was Kanye.

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