Monday, March 12, 2012

Yes Day

Let me see if I still remember how to do this:


(too 1999?)

Oh, hello there.

(too nonchalant?)

I've been a bad, bad blogger.

(a bit self-deprecating and trite, but that about sums it up.)

Hmm... how to explain this in a succinct way without boring you to tears? There's really no better way to describe the past five months---holy heck, five?!---other than to say the following:
  • Applying to residencies is an arduous process for all parties involved.
  • It's also a life-consuming process.
  • It's also very personal.
  • We made it through.
As much as I wanted to take to the blog and agonize about every significant and insignificant detail of the residency application and the interviews and the travel and the debt (oh my word, the debt), I just couldn't do it.  Not only to protect Dr. D's privacy, but for my own sanity.  And believe me, I think I saved you from some incredibly repetitious and anxiety-ridden prose.

What's that?  I could have blogged about other things, you say?  To be sure, that might have been an option.  But to omit such a large part of what was happening in our lives would have felt entirely inauthentic to me, and I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

But here I am, ready to take another crack at this blogging thing, as Dr. D and I find ourselves on the cusp of transition once again.  I know I would kick myself down the line if I didn't document this pivotal time, so here we go.

That, and I realized the internet has been entirely Jdog-deficient as of late.  So here's to that:

Okay, moving on.

Today, dear Internet, was "Yes or No Day" (hereafter referred to as YON Day---just roll with it) in the world of fourth year medical students.  Today was the day that fourth years were informed whether or not they have successfully matched into a residency program.  Mind you, this is not Match Day.  As you can see by the rapidly dwindling countdown, Match Day is this Friday.  YON Day (roll with it, I say!) is kind of like your mean older sibling who would find an awesome toy on the taller shelf in the store and then would say "WANNA SEE IT?!" as they held it juuuust out of your reach while evoking the technicality that you were, in actuality, seeing it and would lord it over you until Mom eventually made them hand it to you.

Match Day is Mom.  YON Day is your jerk of a sibling.

In the spirit of positivity, Dr. D and I had taken to calling YON Day just straight-up "Yes Day."  It worked, because he matched!  And also he's awesome, so that might have been a contributing factor.

So, on to Friday.  On to mimosas and elation and tears and bittersweetness and celebration.  On to our future.


Ashley + Christian said...


wishing you guys the best match for both of you! it seems so far away (2 more years), but these first two have flown by.

Corinne said...

Congratulations on matching! Now onto Friday!

DJ said...

YON day is totally the jerk of an older sibling. What are the three days in between? I think that's your "disappointed but not yelling, but you'd rather he be yelling" father.

Lauren said...

Hi! New reader here -- my heart goes out to all of the fourth years (students AND spouses...especially spouses) this week. As a fellow med school wife AND a person crazy enough to work with these students (higher ed, what what!) I am so anxious for Friday. Hats off to you guys for getting to the finish line, I hope Friday brings everything you were hoping for, and more! I'll just be happy to be finished with MS-I !

Mrs. Dr. D said...

Thanks all! Not too much longer now...

@Ashley: I remember M2 like it was yesterday. Years 3 & 4 fly by!

@Lauren: M1 is certainly a period of adjustment. You'll get through it! Also, from one higher ed practitioner to another: I'm having one of those weeks that has pretty much convinced me that we all are, indeed, crazy ;)

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