Monday, July 4, 2011

Thoughts from the weekend

I'm pleased to say that Dr. D was given the weekend off from his away rotation so he could spend the holiday with his two biggest fans (J-dog is doing his utmost to oust me from the #1 position, but until he learns to better control his crotch-kicking during wrestling matches with Dr. D, I think I'm sitting pretty).

Instead of providing the play-by-play of our weekend, I thought I'd just record some of my thoughts and observations over the past few days:
  • I hope I never ever lose that butterflies feeling I get when my husband tells me I'm beautiful.
  • Bacon tastes better after 1am, particularly when consumed al fresco.
  • Although I did enjoy the movie we went to see, nothing beats the goosebumps I inevitably get whenever the Harry Potter trailer starts. 
  • In a cruel twist of plastic surgery and coincidence, Kevin Bacon now has a piggy nose.  In related news, an android could probably emote better than January Jones (the movie we saw was X-Men: First Class, if you haven't gathered).
  • I am incredibly regretful that it took us three whole years to get around to trying the breakfast burritos at our local diner.  On the other hand, my thighs are decidedly the benefactors of this oversight.
  • When it comes to most restaurants that have gone out of business since we moved here, we (1) never stepped foot in them while they were open, and (2) predicted their demise.  We're thinking of offering up our services as restaurant consultants.
  • Fireflies---no matter how much I beg them---will not glow upon command for photographic purposes.
  • Chocolate and peanut butter continue to reign supreme in the contest of best flavor combination ever in the history of everdom (recipe coming soon).
  • Parades are kind of boring.  And a little too loud.
I hope you all have had a lovely holiday weekend!  Cheers to a shorter work week.


DJ said...

Girl, you need to go to a Louisiana parade! I've never been to a boring parade.

Mrs. Dr. D said...

You're probably right! Our local parades tend to be a bunch of boring older gentlemen in cars with the occasional mediocre high school marching band sprinkled it. And for whatever reason, they have what seems to be every available local fire truck in the parade as well, blaring their sirens every few seconds. If there's ever a fire somewhere other than on the parade route, those poor souls are out of luck...

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